"...derp >_<"
~ BenBen, when he realised he forgot to take a point of damage of in a duel where similar things were happening far too often.

BenBen is a member of MSPA Forums who mostly lives on the Games Board. He was one spot too late to join the tournament, but still makes cards and has side games.

After a long time of hurlingPagan not posting, BenBen replaced him. BenBen had reasons other than wanting to particiapte in the tournament though. He wanted to distract himself because he had been making far too many cards.


Tournament GamesEdit

vs. fivexthethirdEdit

The Match ended in a loss for BenBen when he wasted a pair of sideburns, had his field cleared, and then couldn't play anything to protect himself with due to tea time.

Side GamesEdit

vs. WillyDeWulfeEdit

The fight ended with both players dieing due to the effect of The Planet F*cking Jupiter's effect. WillyDeWulfe was considered the winner because he has 0.5 more hearts than BenBen. BenBen blames the loss on a bad hand.

vs. thedeathbirdEdit

BenBen won the game in 2 turns, first stealing thedeathbird's Witness Frank, then using Final Rond to end the match.

vs. thedeathbird RematchEdit

For a while the battle looked like it could go either way, but in the end, it was thedeathbird that won with a score of 8 hearts to 0. BenBen got a bit confused about card effects several times during this match.

vs. KaynatoEdit

The match was terminated due to a long term of inactivity, with BenBen and Kaynato bother taking duels with other people.

vs. ninjamasterEdit

Due to being unable to access his main computer, BenBen made up for his turn being late by creating a storyline for the duel, about 2 kingdoms at war. The duel is in progress.

Created CardsEdit

BenBen has created 100 cards to date, including a 15 card Happy Wheels series and a few more cards in MasterBlade's SB&HJ Duel series. He no longer makes cards, except through the effects of other cards, because he feels he has made too many already.

Happy Wheels SeriesEdit

SB&HJ SeriesEdit

Homestuck CardsEdit

CancerTurtle's Wrath SeriesEdit

Sprite Power SeriesEdit

Trials and Tribulations SeriesEdit

Youtube SeriesEdit

Gods of Gaming SeriesEdit

Bugs in the System SeriesEdit

Cards Created Through Other CardsEdit

Shape PuzzleEdit

Other CardsEdit


  • BenBen has 2 cards of his name, and 2 of his current avatar.
  • BenBen created the CYOGTCG wiki.
  • BenBen loves turtles.
  • BenBen uses the font Chaparral Pro for almost all of his cards.
  • BenBen uses photos for some of his cards. All the photo that were taken by him were taken on his desk.
  • BenBen's name is apparently very fun to say out loud.
  • CancerTurtle is the name BenBen currently uses when gaming.