Match 1Edit

Turn 1Edit

WillyDeWulfe began the duel playing The Planet Fucking Jupiter.

Turn 2Edit

BenBen played Galloglasses, and mistakenly thought he could attack the turn he played it.

Turn 3Edit

WillyDeWulfe challenged BenBen to a SB&HJ Duel. Jupiter beat Gallo at a vote of 3-0. Galloglasses was destroyed and Jupiter has been on the field for 2 turns.

Turn 4Edit

Having nothing useful, BenBen played Board English, giving it to Demonsul to help in his match against FuriousSquid.

Turn 5Edit

WillyDeWulfe uses Chain Lightning, bringing BenBen down to 3 hearts. Jupiter has been on the field for 3 turns.

Turn 6Edit

Still having nothing useful, BenBen plays Greenicide.

Turn 7Edit

WillyDeWulfe plays Secs Kurnelsprit. Jupiter has been on the field for 4 turns. He also recieves a Board English from causelessCogitation.

Turn 8Edit

BenBen plays Ant Queen, but there is no stopping Jupiter now.

Turn 9Edit

WillyDeWulfe plays Witness Billy-Bob while Jupiter explodes. Unknown to BenBen, WillyDeWulfe's hearts had been slowly going down due to Tick, so he was only half a heart higher than BenBen at that point. WillyDeWulfe is considered the winner because he had more hearts when Jupiter exploded. causelessCogitation gets his Board English back, just as planned.