"You dare destroy my grand wall ? Then face the fury of THE DESERT SANDS !"

~ causelessCogitation, in a game previously established to have taken place in Berlin .

causelessCogitation was a new member to the MSPA Forums who decided to join the game.

He competed in the First Tournament .

Tournament GamesEdit

First TournamentEdit

Round 1: vs. insanityIncarnateEdit

  • Still to be decided.

Side GamesEdit

vs. DemonsulEdit

  • Was defeated when his invincible Tick had sucked him of his life only to be returned to his hand by Demonsul's Incense card. He was then promptly lasered, ninja'd, stoned, and eaten.

Created CardsEdit

There have never been any other cards that he has created.


  • The original CYOGTCG thread was the first MSPA Forums game he participated in, and the second thread he posted in. His 100th post is also located in this thread.
  • His name, in simpler words, roughly means "needlessly deep thought".
  • As of July 10, 2012, causelessCogitation has made 20 cards for the game.
  • The depicted picture is neither causelessCogitation's avatar nor his actual picture. It's just some random dude. With a really creepy face.