Demonsul's Fanterron

Demonsul is an MSPA user of some few thousand posts. He should probably get a more healthy hobby. He participated in the First Tournament, losing disastrously in the first round.

Tournament Play Edit

First Tournament Edit

  • vs FuriousSquid : Was soundly defeated in the first round, overwhelmed by powerful cards and ant tokens. Chose to die honorably rather than pointlessly drag out the match by using Adrenaline.

Other Games Edit

  • vs causelessCogitation: Won a great victory for democracy and freedom, causing the reunification of Germany and successfully averting the conversion of Berlin into a desert. No, seriously.

Trivia Edit

  • Demonsul has made 38 cards for the game, 35 of which are currently in play (he did not submit the other three for various reasons).
  • Demonsul became the first player to both win a game and lose a game in the same post.