The Objection! card.

Objection! is a card created by BenBen depicting Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attourney Series.


Objection! does not have any hearts or attack. It is played when a card is played, destroying the card instead.


  • It is encouraged to type out some kind of objection to the use, basis or very existence of the card you are destroying. This does not matter to the effect, but it can be cool. As such, use of functional, sane logic in these arguments is not necessary as they are irrefutable.
  • For example: during its first use, Demonsul used this card to negate the effects of the card Desert played by causelessCogitation. He typed out logical proof that the card could not be played due to an earlier joke involving the Berlin Wall having established the setting of the duel to be in Germany, which has no deserts.
  • When an Objection is made, BenBen puts it into An example would be the objection above.