Secs Kurnelsprit

The Secs Kurnelsprit card.

Secs Kurnelsprit is a card created by BenBen featuring Sex Bob-omb, from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, scribbled on to make them look a little bit like Homestuck characters.


Secs Kurnelsprit has 3 hearts and 2 attack. While they are on the field, any cards with ears can't attack.


Secs Kurnelsprit was a band featured in the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Fan Duel, battling alongside John Pilgrim. They were killed in JP's first duel, but are seen again in his musical duel against Load Engish. Their effect comes from a sound wafe barrier they used to protect themselves which Line was easily able to slip though due to not having ears.


  • The characters shown are Dave Stills on guitar, John Pilgrim on bass, and Jade Pine of drums.
  • Their stats are the exact opposite of John Pilgrim's.