The tick is a card depicting a cartoon tick.

This card was created by fivexthethird.


The tick has an infinite supply of hearts. That's a lot of hearts.

Once played, for ten of the owner's turns, this card will damage its owner for half (.5) of a heart, as well as damaging any card that its owner holds in their hand that have hearts for the same amount.

After ten of the owner's turns, this card is destroyed.

This card is also indestructible.


  • While this card has many horrible consequences for the person who played it (if played and allowed to run its course, it will do a total of 5 damage directly to its owner), this card can actually be incredibly useful. As it is completely indestructible yet still protects its owner from attacks, it can be used as an emergency defense for ten turns.
  • While it has been ruled by Moldova that this card can be lowered to one heart by the effects of another card (such as Final Rond), she has also ruled that even in this situation, the card is still indestructible, even from regular attacks.
  • As user causelessCogitation learned the hard way, this card is not immune to being sent back to your hand.